Nov 20, 2015

New Point of View

Mary Anne was tired of the incessant sexual requests of his boyfriend Ryan. So she cast a spell to switch their life and taking a day for herself but something went wrong. The sexual appetite of Ryan doesn't go away it's only changed the object of his\her desire and now Mary Anne is on the point to receive her first blow-job of her life.
"I never guess that my face was so sexy when I was excited now I know what Ryan feels"

Nov 11, 2015

Don't Touch My Clothes!

pantyhose magic sister

That night Timmy was ready to go in bed. He went to the bath when he saw a pair of his sister's pantyhose on the floor he get aroused and decided to take an hand-job wearing them. But after putting them on his legs, something strange happened. He was transformed in another person and when looked at the mirror he saw the image of Tanya his sister. She was an apprentice witch and put a curse on her clothes in order to protect her things but it seems Timmy doesn't mind. Instead of a boy orgasm he will have a girl one.