Dec 27, 2015

Keeping the Appearances

Chrissy asked a great favor to his big bro Micael, a night out in a body with the legal age to drink. That day they bought a magic formula to swap their bodies so while Michael was staying at home under the control of his parents, Chrissy was drinking at the pub with his friends. Later one of his friend called his mom and he said his son was too drunk too drive so he could sleep at his home. The following morning Chrissy was not come back yet and Michael for keeping the appearances he has go to school instead of  Chrissy, something he doesn't expected.

Dec 12, 2015

A Place of Power

Mark Hill was one of the chauvinist manager that company is ever had. Three hours ago he was in his office and he was singning the documents that  his secretary Cindy had left every morning. He was so distracted that that he signed  automatically a weird contract.
He read only the word body-swapping but he was too busy to read further so he put the contract with the others in the index card.After the lunch, while he was opening the office's door a strange light  invested him and found himself in Cindy's body. After the initial shock he remembered himself of the weird morning contracta nd began to search it.
«It's useless! You won't find it anymore because it's already in a secure place!"
Suddenly Mark turned himself and saw his former body now occupied by Cindy. «You have just finished of bossing me everyday, I've tricked you! From now I'll be the rich and the powerful boss and you will be the poor and obedient secretary who will dress sexy every morning for my pleasure!» «Holy shit!» thought Mark.

Dec 2, 2015

No More Risks

I came from a family of criminals always fighting with the law. My father was killed in a shooting and my mom raised me and my big bro all by herself. But when my bro went in prison for drug dealing my mom took a big decision. She payed a witch and demanded a spell to change me into a female. The following morning I woke up and screamed for what was happened to me, suddenly mom came into my room and told me the whole story, she said that if I would remain in this body she help me to behave like a proper lady and I would no have risk to be a criminal and for prize she would gave me the money of a secret fund that my father left her for my 21th birthday otherwise if I would change back she left me alone with a little amount of money and no future to become a good person. I thought a little while and I decided to start a new life like a girl, my mom was so happy for that moment my name was Rebecca the name she have chosen if I were born female. Now after a year my life is changed completely mom taught me all domestic chores and I have no risk to going in prison like my big bro, the most dangerous thing I do now is to use the lawnmower on saturday morning.