Dec 28, 2017

The Password

Paul is trying desperately to recall the password who used to sign up to the site called Yesterday he came across this site that promised to live the experience to be someone else. The only thing to do was filling the form with his data and the data of a new figure then pressing enter and he will be magically transformed into the person he has chosen to be.  So he decided  to live the experience of be a woman  but not a normal woman he set the parameters to be the classic bimbo.
So that night he had a lot of fun going out in skimpyclothes, chatting with the girls, using his big breast to have free drinks and even going in bed with an handsome man.
Today he decided to stop the experiment and return back in his original body but he had to access to the site again to restorehis original data. Poor boy! He lowered his IQ so much that
he doesn’t remember the password only named «password»

Dec 15, 2017

The Marriage Counselor

Jack and Jane  have just returned from the therapyst and they’re both angry. About two months ago they realized that their relation was suffering so they decided to go to a marriage counselor. They found a therapyst who suggest  them to walk a mile in each other’s shoes... literally!
It turned out that the therapyst was a witch and she swichted their bodies in order to understand each other better. So after a month they came back to the therapyst to check the development unfortunately the woman said that was not enogh obliged the couple to stay as each other for another month. Jack has another reason to be angry, his period will start tomorrow.

Nov 16, 2017

Daily Task

Don’t give that look “Carol” because you made the rules!
When you were the boss you said that if i wanted to keep my job in this company
I had to make you a blow job every morning!
So you were very happy when I accepted with no more questions but you didn’t expect that I knew magic and now the tables have turned, well it’s time to go down, I will have a long day!

Oct 26, 2017

A Special Herb Tea

Mom do I have to?
Yes honey you know it’s important for your correct development!
But since we have moved in nobody mistake me for a boy!
Yes but did you remmeber? It’s was my idea to change school so bullies would not torment you anymore.
And it’s alway your idea to enroll me as a girl.
You know the principal was my old friend and make me a favour changing your gender on papers.
Maybe we have gone too far with this...
We had made this discussion yet. You know you always been a  weak boy you had no a man role model in family, The  other boys beaten you and you were afraid of go out so it was better for you to growing like girl and I was right, during the summer I saw  a more happy and confident
person but there is one last detail : you’re flat as a board young lady!
I don’t wanna your classmates suspect anything especially girls you don’t know but they can be
cruel than boys so my gynecologist has prepared for you  this special herbal mix to drink every morning and less than  a month you will have a delicious breast. So hurry up or you  will miss the school bus and we don’t wanna you go in late on your first day of school!

Aug 28, 2017

A Long Hunting

It took me almost thirsty years but finally I’ve found you! You had been very good to vanish without a trace but now I can see my old face in every manner! I’ve got another amulet so it’s time to give back my body, my money and my life! It’s your turn to deal with the menopause!

Aug 18, 2017

Not the Father Anymore

This is a public service announcemnet for you guys! Don’t try to cheat a witch especially when she’s your girlfriend too. When I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant I decided to dump her. I told her I was not ready to be a father and that she was her fault because she didn’t take the pill, She answered back that respected the decision of not being the father but that I would be a good aunt.
So she changed me in the shape you see now.I even have to wear this ridiculous shirt in order to
warn the other boys in the same conditions. Eventually she said that if I behaved well she would make me the father again.

Jul 27, 2017

The Right Pay

Michael was going on dancing always looking at the tips jar the main reason of his current position. A month ago he entered in this night club where he enjoyed a pole dance. At one point he decided to go out but he was stopped by a bodyguard at the door who remembered him he didn’t give any tip to the girls. So he told him they were none of his business but  the man came out as a warlock and cast a spell on Michael in order to teach him the respect for other people’s job. Then he became Mindy and is forced to inhabit this form until the tips jar will be filled at least with a thousand dollars. So tonight was just the right night  because the jar contained the right amount. Sadly someone stole the money before the shift’s end so it seems that Mindy must to face many nights of dancing again.

Jun 13, 2017

Born to Sell

When Tom saw in the newspaper  the ad for a car dealer, he thought it was his chance. He was born to sell and the next day he appeared at the job interview. They told him that they would take it and present the contract immediately. He signed up quickly and thanked them. Unfortunately for him he did not read a clause where he was supposed to wear a woman's costume to attract more customers.

May 23, 2017

Humans of the Great◄►Shift

Here it is a series of captions based on the idea of  TG Swapping Caps using  Humans of New York like ispiration. It was a good idea to renew a format after many years, so I'd like someone else continue this TG universe with pictures taken outdoor or in a public place like the original Humans; use the  logo I created above  if you want.
I invite you to read this reflection of Swap Girl: The Great Shift and Other Universes.

May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother said I was lazy and that one day  she would have find a solution. Today when I woke up I found with much surprise to be in my mom's body. There was a message stuck on the mirror who said: Happy mother's day honey, the next week you'll be the lady of the house while I 'm going to holiday with your girlfriend, don't let me  down or the swap will become permanent. Shit! I cried.

Apr 12, 2017

A Night at the Funfair

Pamela and her little brother Frank were stuck as each other after playing with the medallion of Zulo. So Frank was forced to take his sister's place for a date that night. "His boyfriend" Steve wanted to take his girl to a fancy restaurant but when Frank saw the funfair  lights ask to Steve to stop the car for take a look around. Steve was very surprised when he saw his new girlfriend taking a ride on all the attractions and stuffing herself of cotton candy. He said he was tired and that if she didn't want to go on the restaurant with him she would do better to look for another guy. "No problem man!" Frank said. Now the new Pamela in a dodgem car is launching a glance to an handsome boy in the hope to obtain another free ride.

Mar 27, 2017

The Shoe Shop

Ladies & gentlemen I'm glad to announce 
the first multiple choice story on this blog 
so welcome to:

Imagine you are walking in the streets of your town suddenly you see a new shop that sells used shoes. You wanna take a look just for curiosity and pop in. You  notice many different models that catch your attention  so you decide to wear a pair but watch out: every pair is linked with the soul of the previous owner and when you will wear it you will assume her life. If you want can even decide to leave the shop with buy nothing but now it's time to choose:

Feb 20, 2017

Panic at the Disco

Greg was walking through the corridor of the disco, when he crossed the eyes of a girl who was entering in the toilet. For a moment he figured to enter in her panties when the light gone out. When the light went back, he felt something on his lips and with much surprise saw the girl who was entered in the toilet. In shock he continued to put the lipstick like a robot for another minute.

Feb 11, 2017

Golden Slumbers

After the Great Shift the six years old Johnny was changed with his 24 years old neighbor Paula. Like a child he didn't get sleep without his teddy bear and diaper pants and so do the same in his new adult female body.

Jan 29, 2017

From Boy to Tomboy

After the Great Shift  the student Daniel, became Sara one of his former classmates. Despite his new gender, Daniel continued to behave like a boy dressing with a sloppy clothes. But one day the unexpected happned: he felt in love with a boy. They started to date and when he invited the new Sara to the prom, he felt unsuitable showing so unfeminine. So she  asked for help to the most popular girl in the school Tiffany. Now at Tiffany's home the new Sara has learned graceful gestures and  a new posture and how apply a make up but she's still fear of walking in high heels or wear a barbie dress like Tiffany but this is the price to pay for her new aquired feminity.

Jan 23, 2017

The First Mission

Lester was an undercover agent and was ready for his first mission in a shape of a woman in order to catch a boss. Thanks to the new nanotechnologies now is Tiffany, a young dancer that will use a lipstick-microphone to steal delicate secrets, but before technology he must use his new female beauty to melt the reticence of that man. It's a hard work, but someone's gotta do it.

Jan 14, 2017

Real Proof

"Ok honey I believe you! You're a real witch now please give me my body back, I'm an admirer of women's breast not to have one for myself!"

Jan 9, 2017

Motherly Love

James walking along the aisle feels like everyone knows who really is.  It’s very embarassed impersonating the mother of the bride's role let alone wearing a floral dress
All started when his future mother in law found out that he would married her daughter only for the money. She decided to cast a spell in order to teach him the real meaning of love: he would take the shape of the person who loved more his future wife. So now he has to play the part if he wants a chance to return in his  original body.

Jan 1, 2017