Oct 26, 2017

A Special Herb Tea

Mom do I have to?
Yes honey you know it’s important for your correct development!
But since we have moved in nobody mistake me for a boy!
Yes but did you remmeber? It’s was my idea to change school so bullies would not torment you anymore.
And it’s alway your idea to enroll me as a girl.
You know the principal was my old friend and make me a favour changing your gender on papers.
Maybe we have gone too far with this...
We had made this discussion yet. You know you always been a  weak boy you had no a man role model in family, The  other boys beaten you and you were afraid of go out so it was better for you to growing like girl and I was right, during the summer I saw  a more happy and confident
person but there is one last detail : you’re flat as a board young lady!
I don’t wanna your classmates suspect anything especially girls you don’t know but they can be
cruel than boys so my gynecologist has prepared for you  this special herbal mix to drink every morning and less than  a month you will have a delicious breast. So hurry up or you  will miss the school bus and we don’t wanna you go in late on your first day of school!