Nov 14, 2018

Stop Hiding!

Stop hiding Leonard!  I know it’s you behind the make-up and the wig. When your sister said me that you spending your afternoons trying her clothes my first intention was to taunt you but after seeing your smooth sexy legs I want to take you out to dinner  so are you free tonight miss?

Oct 28, 2018

New Thoughts

Tyler and James are spending their holidays in Exchange Island like two teenage girls. Tyler is having a ball trying to catch a boy’s group attention playng with his top while James seems more distant.
Are you still hungry cause we are ended up in female bodies? Tyler asked. No that’s not a problem anymore! replied James. So what’s the story? Tyler said. It’s that I found out this girl had only one piece swimsuits and not even a sexy dress it’s not fair!

Oct 19, 2018

Another Hubby-Wifey Squabble

Hello Honey... Yes I’m making the dinner... Yes  I’ve even taken the little brats from school don’t worry...
No I’ve not ironed your suit yet sorry... I know you have an important presentation tomorrow but I had a terrible day at work! You’re right honey nobody considers when you’re a woman, I looking foward to get back in my body...
Wait a moment! What does it mean that you have talked to the professor and he’s glad to extend our swap for another month?

Sep 24, 2018

Not so Loser

Jack was dumped by his girlfriend Nancy so he decided to take his revenge. Thanks  to a magic spell he possessed her mother’s body now. His plan was to make Nancy’s life miserable for almost a week.
And after you’ve washed the floor I want you help me to make the dinner!
But mom I have to go out tonight!
No way missy! Someone told me you have failed the history test  two day ago so you are confined to your room for the next three days!
How did you know that? I bet was that stupid Jack isn’t it?
Why did yoy say this? He is a nice and cute guy you sholdn’t have to leave him...
But he was such a loser..
I guess you underrated him Nancy he’s more smart of what you think!
What do you mean mom?
Oh! nothing my dear just the reflection of a wise woman now keep cleaning!

Aug 7, 2018

An Expensive Insurance

Hi! the following cap was inspired by this story:

James finally can go around with his sport car without problems thinking about how this all happened.
When he found out women paid much less car insurance he decided to change sex legally.
At the beginning it went well and he saved much money from his three cars but when other men started to follow his example the company decided to verify if his desire was real. Every year an ispector paid by insurance would control his behaviour and would make some request in order to renew the policy.
The first year he had to dress up like a woman then he changend his name into Jane but it wasn’t enough.
If he wanted to avoid a fraud report he would have to undergo the HRT. So the following two years his body went through new  transformations but he didn’t care exepct the trouble to fasten the seat belt with his new prominent breast. The last year was more hard if he didn’t want to go in prison he had to undergo the SRU.
So after saying goodbye to his dick he can drive easy. 

Jul 9, 2018

Tight Team

Despite the gender wave, Brian still likes to play football with the collegues during the lunch break.

May 26, 2018

A Fatal Mistake

“Are kidding me? You made only a mistake? No you have only fucked up my life!”
Peter started laughing histerically thinking of his personal mistake, trusting of a sorcerer’s apprentice. When Jim revealed him that he was the discendant of family of magicians he decided to get  revenge on his teacher Mrs Hanks. Jim helped him  using a bodyswap spell between them in addition the new Peter would believe to be the real Peter. So the following days he tried to ruin her life as much as he can.
He dumped her boyfriend wore skimpy clothes dyed his hair and started to go nightclubbing every day . Rumors about her beahaviour reached the  school principal that decided to fire her.
After reaching his goal Peter returned to Tom to reverse the spell but he shocked him with bad news the spell he used was permanent and irreversable so now Peter is condemned to live Mrs Hanks life; the life of a  mature woman with  no job no family and a bad reputation. Now he’s really thinking about the job’s offer as a stripper in the last club he visited last night.

Apr 27, 2018

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Jack and Bill have always been fighting for who would had taken the daddy sport car on saturday night but after the Gender Wave they always argue about who will go out with the mommy trendy handbag.

Apr 14, 2018

A Not So Good Neighbor

Ron had always been in good terms with the next door woman Mrs Hamilton. She was a divorced lady who lived alone so when she needed a favour he was  ready to help her. But unfortunately for her he was going to move out in the next days after his marriage with her girlfriend. The day of the moving she invited Ron for the last cup of tea he accepted but after some sips he felt very tired and passed out the couch. 
When he woke up he felt very strange he touched his torso and he realized he had tits! He was in Mrs  Hamilton’s body! How Happened?  His former body appeared with a smile on his face and ready for giving an explanation. She revealed to him that her marriage was over because she was secretly lesbian but now now she had the chance to restart her life in another way with his contribution like it or not. She used a magic powder to switch our bodies so she would be her to marry his fiance while all he could do was to see her go away and think a way to take his body and life back.

Mar 31, 2018

Fraternal Support

I knew my sister was desperate but not that much.  She was very sad after his recent divorce so I decided to host her at my house for a few days. One evening, seeing her more sad than usual I said I would do anything to make her happy.
The next morning I awoke with a strange feeling, I got up and a waterfall of black hair covered my face. I run to the bathroom mirror and I didn’t believe in what I was seeing I was my own sister!
On the kitchen table I found a note, it said:
 Dear ex-bro now sis, thank for being so close to me these days I realized that  you always will be the only one man in my  life so I thought that I would like to be you.
You didn’t know but this year I’ve learnt  the magical arts so I decide to make my 
wish real. So thank for all and goodbye!
p.s. I hope you would have  better luck with men! 

Feb 27, 2018

The Letter [complete the caption]

Ok here it is the complete caption. First of all i wanna thank you Rachel, Eliza and Sveta for partecipating. I decide to chose Eliza cap because i like how she wrote in a  proper letter form but even the other ideas were good so congratulation to Eliza von J!

Feb 22, 2018

Complete the Caption! [contest]

Hello readers in the last days I suffer of lack of ispirations so this is an occasion to involve you in my project. Help me to complete the caption below, write your story in the comment (no anonymous) or
send me a mail I will choose the best or maybe a will make  a poll it depends on how many would there so for now good luck!

Feb 10, 2018

From Groom to Bridesmaid

John saw Jessica the love of his life  go away with who she thought her groom instead was her best friend Melanie. One week ago Melanie appeared at his house saying that he could not marry Jessica beacuse she love her too since their first meeting ten years ago. but Jessica didn’t know anything. 
She said to John to cancel the marriage otherwise there would be repercussions. John says her menace meant nothing to him and go back home otherwise jessica would have know the truth .So she decided to cast a spell on him and their bodies were magically swapped. She explained that she was sorry for what she had done but it was the only solution to remain close to Jessie until John learn to behave himself. 
In her new shape she have could marry Jessica not only she obliged him to take the bridesmaid role. So after the banquet Jessica launched the bouquet and John was so lucky to catch it.  She congratulated with him and she said that soon will be find a man but now his only wish is that Melanie changes her mind and giving back his his body back after the honeymoon.

Jan 29, 2018

Reflections on the Mirror [italian cap]

Dear readers even if italian is my mother language I've never made a caption in italian on this blog before. But since italian is even one of the most languages studied in the world I suppose that among  you someone could understand this cap. In the end there's always google translator.

Accidenti alla mia ostinazione! Quando Christina mi disse che era lesbica avrei dovuto lasciar perdere invece no sono andato dalla maga più brava della città e le ho chiesto un incantesimo che mi trasformasse in donna per un giorno. 
La maga lo ha fatto ma avrei dovuto essere più specifico, ora sono una donna è vero ma la classico tipa eterosessuale! Ora devo trovare il coraggio di voltarmi, farla rivestire e dire a lei che l’unica cosa che possiamo fare insieme oggi pomeriggio è lo shopping!