May 26, 2018

A Fatal Mistake

“Are kidding me? You made only a mistake? No you have only fucked up my life!”
Peter started laughing histerically thinking of his personal mistake, trusting of a sorcerer’s apprentice. When Jim revealed him that he was the discendant of family of magicians he decided to get  revenge on his teacher Mrs Hanks. Jim helped him  using a bodyswap spell between them in addition the new Peter would believe to be the real Peter. So the following days he tried to ruin her life as much as he can.
He dumped her boyfriend wore skimpy clothes dyed his hair and started to go nightclubbing every day . Rumors about her beahaviour reached the  school principal that decided to fire her.
After reaching his goal Peter returned to Tom to reverse the spell but he shocked him with bad news the spell he used was permanent and irreversable so now Peter is condemned to live Mrs Hanks life; the life of a  mature woman with  no job no family and a bad reputation. Now he’s really thinking about the job’s offer as a stripper in the last club he visited last night.

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