Aug 7, 2018

An Expensive Insurance

Hi! the following cap was inspired by this story:

James finally can go around with his sport car without problems thinking about how this all happened.
When he found out women paid much less car insurance he decided to change sex legally.
At the beginning it went well and he saved much money from his three cars but when other men started to follow his example the company decided to verify if his desire was real. Every year an ispector paid by insurance would control his behaviour and would make some request in order to renew the policy.
The first year he had to dress up like a woman then he changend his name into Jane but it wasn’t enough.
If he wanted to avoid a fraud report he would have to undergo the HRT. So the following two years his body went through new  transformations but he didn’t care exepct the trouble to fasten the seat belt with his new prominent breast. The last year was more hard if he didn’t want to go in prison he had to undergo the SRU.
So after saying goodbye to his dick he can drive easy. 


Zoe Donaldson said...

Well dont think the SRS cost offset the surgery cost but he now has a better life. Wish I had thought of that years ago!

Leslie B said...

the National health service would pay the operation