Sep 24, 2018

Not so Loser

Jack was dumped by his girlfriend Nancy so he decided to take his revenge. Thanks  to a magic spell he possessed her mother’s body now. His plan was to make Nancy’s life miserable for almost a week.
And after you’ve washed the floor I want you help me to make the dinner!
But mom I have to go out tonight!
No way missy! Someone told me you have failed the history test  two day ago so you are confined to your room for the next three days!
How did you know that? I bet was that stupid Jack isn’t it?
Why did yoy say this? He is a nice and cute guy you sholdn’t have to leave him...
But he was such a loser..
I guess you underrated him Nancy he’s more smart of what you think!
What do you mean mom?
Oh! nothing my dear just the reflection of a wise woman now keep cleaning!