Oct 28, 2018

New Thoughts

Tyler and James are spending their holidays in Exchange Island like two teenage girls. Tyler is having a ball trying to catch a boy’s group attention playng with his top while James seems more distant.
Are you still hungry cause we are ended up in female bodies? Tyler asked. No that’s not a problem anymore! replied James. So what’s the story? Tyler said. It’s that I found out this girl had only one piece swimsuits and not even a sexy dress it’s not fair!

Oct 19, 2018

Another Hubby-Wifey Squabble

Hello Honey... Yes I’m making the dinner... Yes  I’ve even taken the little brats from school don’t worry...
No I’ve not ironed your suit yet sorry... I know you have an important presentation tomorrow but I had a terrible day at work! You’re right honey nobody considers when you’re a woman, I looking foward to get back in my body...
Wait a moment! What does it mean that you have talked to the professor and he’s glad to extend our swap for another month?