Apr 22, 2020

Swap and Quarantine part 2

During the first week of quarantine, things had gone almost well for John. He spent all his time in his bedroom watching tv series and chatting with Mary. Mary’s parents had realized their daughter was more quiet than usual but they thought she was sad beacuse she could not see her boyfriend but someone was more suspicious. it was Melanie, Mary big sister and so one day she stopped her sis when she was going down for breakfast.

“Hello sissy I see you don’t wear any bra today.”
“Its uncessary since I’m always at home and nobody
can see me.”
“It’s true but that’s not like you, you’ve always been miss perfect
 you always wearing make-up even to take out the trash!”
“That’s the lockdown, its killing me.”
“Or maybe you are not used to bras and make-up isn’t John?”
“How did you know?”
“Come on I’m always been close to my sister and some
weeks ago she told me that you and she found a pair of
magic rings to swap bodies, she made me promise to say
nothing to our parents but since you’re not my real sister I
suggest you to do all I want if you don’t want to get in trouble!”
“Ok Melanie!” said John resigned.

Apr 8, 2020

Swap and Quarantine

We are living a dramatic situation and for captioners like me this could be even a source of ispiration so tell me what you think

John and Mary were a couple of teenagers  whom like to collect strange things. One day on flea market they found a pair of rings enable to swap bodies.  So the following days they spent the time to become each other on different occasions.
Meanwhile in their country a pandemic was spreading and drastic measure shoud have been taken.
That day John was coming back from school after replacing Mary during a math test; he realized that
something was wrong when he saw the soldiers along the streets. When he was at home Mary’s mom informed him that the government had stated the lockdown for a month.
So now John was trapped in her girlfriend house  without any chance to go out. Many thoughts came into his mind. Would he be able to hold out for so long in a female body?
Would he be able to fool his new family and pass for Mary without suspicious?
And what will happen to the real Mary would she be able to do the same thing?