Jun 20, 2015

TG Café First Contest

I'm pleased to announce the first caps contest on this blog;  Use you the below image to create a fantastic cap, you have ten days of time until the end of June. Good work!
Send your creations to leslie_3k@yahoo.it

UPDATE: Here it is the caps. You will have time until the 10 of July.

» Ian

A New Life

Have More Fun Life This

Jun 12, 2015

Pub Trick

In Ireland beware when you enter in a pub. The owners could be elfs who like to play a trick on the strangers. Donna and Mike are couple that traded bodies after some pint. Donna felt strange to be in a body not belong to her while Mike is so drunk he doesn't realized what's happened.

Jun 9, 2015

No More Excitement

Edward was a crossdresser and when the GS happened he found himself in the body of the next door girl. So now he has all the female clothes he wants but now they are just normal clothes only, without the thrill of excitement. One day he's gone in the bathroom wearing the most sexy lingerie he could have and try to masturbate but nothing of that aroused him. So his days of crossdresser were over and decided to catch that copy of Playgirl that found under the bed.