Apr 7, 2021

Throwback Thursday Caption

 One year ago I started this story with the help of my readers now I reunited the captions in an unique post.

Mar 24, 2021

Gender Swap Ball


The Modern Magic High School organizes a gender swap ball for the students every year :

• Ehi  what’s up Mick, I bet you’re having a good time in your new form!

• Well if we exclude the bra that cuts my shoulders and the unintentional glimpse of my panties yes I’m having fun! But from what I see down there you’re having fun too!

• You know better than me I cannot control it when I saw David in that red minidress well something has clicked in my head now I know how does an hetero man feels.

• The next time you have to spank the monkey before going out but now I know another  way to satisfy your desire if you want.

• Uhm.. Ok what do you have in mind?

• Go into men’s room and wait I’ll be there  in five minutes.

• OMG! if Mrs Johnson could hear you, she hoped you could become a great lady not  a little cocksucker!