May 26, 2023

The Incorporation

As I prepare for my new mission, I think back to the events that brought me here. Two years ago I was in the car with my girlfriend Alice when I had an accident and everything went dark. When I woke up, I found out what had happened; after the accident, a secret anti-government organisation had taken over our bodies, my brain was still intact but my body was too compromised compared to my girlfriend's; on the other hand, Alice's brain was technically dead. So they performed an operation called incorporation. My brain was put inside my girlfriend's body to create a single functioning human being. My previous identity no longer existed and I would have to work for them. Over the next few days I learned how to put on make-up and how to walk in stiletto heels, as well as how to pick a lock and how to use a rifle. Tonight I have to sneak into a gala event where a drug kingpin is present and unfortunately I'm at that time of the month; I hope I have enough ammunition and tampons.

May 14, 2023

Mother's Day

What’s up “mom” ? Today is your day and you seem worried; are you having second thoughts about our arrangement?

No Melanie I knew the rules when I decided to swap my life with your mother’s one.

I never thought you would do that, when I told you that the only way to be with me was to take my mom’s place you know I was joking.

I knew but I was desperate and in love  so I talked with your mother and she was surprisly agree,  she wanted a second chance in her life and she  didn’t matter to become a boy.

Well the spellbound has worked and you got what you wanted what is else now?

The dress you persuaded me to wear is too tight, it points out my belly and my wide hips.

Ah ah! You starting to talk just like her, Happy Mother’s Day!

Apr 26, 2023

Lost in Japan

tg caption
James was an american student who decided to spend his spring break in Japan. So he was walking to the streets of Tokyo when he was stopped by a girl. It was a student about 17-18 years old, she started to speak in broken english she said something “Do you want my body?” James thought was a joke and said  “Oh yes baby!”. Suddenly the girl’s face lit up and said “Umai!”  and in a blink of an eye his soul migrated in the girl’s body and vice versa.
When he realized what had happened, he was just in time to see his body walking away into the crowd. He tried to reach him\her but she turned the corner and disappeared so he spent another hour to find her without any success. Tired of searching he stopped and started to look into the pink bag  the girl had  left to him. Inside the bag there  was a bottle  of lemonade a student card and a strange book full symbols and formulas, it  could be the cause of the switch but he  couldn’t interpret  them. He took the card and realized he was  able to understand japanese and read his new  name Eriko Nakamura. He was in another country in a different body forced to assume a new identity and he couldn’t do anything.

Apr 11, 2023

The Tournament

 Mark was a good golf player but he regretted about  this the day his sister asked him a favor. She wanted  impressionate  her crush who was a golf player too so she decided to partecipate to the local tournament but since she had no the skills requested she asked her bro to go to a swap clinic and take her place at the tournament.  Mark was skeptical at the moment but his sister promised him a large sum of money so he accpted. 

They made the swap on the same day as the race but  it turned out to be an handicap. Mark was not accostumed to use the iron in his weak sis body and  he was annoyed by his new long hair; moreover he was embarassed by having to play with a miniskirt, it seemed everybody were looking at his legs so he was ranked last.  His sister was so angry of the bad impression he made with her crush that she decided to make the swap permanent until he win the next tournament. Mark was shocked but at  least he had almost three monts to train his new body.