Sep 9, 2021

The Downside of Marrying a Witch

 - Please honey change me back, I didn’t want to say that things about you!
- That not a punishment my dear au contraire it’s the realization of your wish: you complained about the lack of a proper woman of the house but now there is; only it’s you instead of me!
 Don’t worry a week goes by soon if  you do all the chores assigned.
- Can I at least take these heels off? My feet are killing me. 
- I remind you that you also wanted a sexy woman so get back to work or i will keep you in this shape for a  whole year!

Aug 15, 2021

Around the City

Now that all his friends and family are on vacation, Martin has finally 
found the courage of hanging around the city in skirt and heels.

Jul 12, 2021

Playing with the Balls

Jimmy was the only one of his team who was hit by the Gender Wave. At the same time he kept to play streeetball with his friends thanks to some tricks. He weared the wedges to compensate the height and  thongs to distract the opponents. But his big weapon was his enormous breast. It’s hard to play well when you see three balls on the court.

Jun 22, 2021

Grandmother Soon

Two months ago Brenda was exausted and wanted a break from her daily routine.She persuaded his son Brian to switch his body with hers thanks to the Medallion of Zulo. So while Brian had to provide the family needs Brenda enjoyied her temporary vacation hanging out with her new friends and Ariel, Brian’s girlfriend. Sadly when it was time to go back in their respective bodies the medallion was no where to be found; it was vanished again. In the following weeks they had to adapt  to their new lifes, it was hard especially  for Brian. Today after going home from work he receveid a call from his new son said his girlfriend was pregnant. The new Brenda didn’t know how to react she hardly accepted to be a mother and now she has to accept to be grandmother soon.