Jan 23, 2023

Love Beyond Obstacles


Sarah has always loved her best friend Amanda secretly but one day Amanda asked her to be the maid of honor at her marriage with her fiance Daniel. Sarah was desperate she would have lost her friend forever but decided to play the last card.
Before the ceremony begin she cast a spell on the groom and swap body with him. She thought that the new maid of honor was too shocked to tell anyone what really happened but she was wrong. The new Sarah told Amanda the whole story and the explanation was persuasive since she recognized the man who loved even in another body. They told Sarah to reverse the spell but unfortunately the spell was permanent so Amanda took an unexpected decision, she would have married Daniel anyway even in this new shape with much disappointment of Sarah.

Dec 31, 2022

Back in Time [game]


This year my friends, we  will a jump in the past. You are ready to celebrate the new year but when  the clock strikes midnight a time-space vortex will suck you  in another dimension and you will have to live the life of a woman from the past good luck!

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Nov 29, 2022

Passing the Driving Test

When Samantha failed another driving test she was desperate so she decided to play the last card to pass the test. His big brother Dick was good behind the wheel therefore all he have to do was impersonate her during the test. First she bought a bodyswap spell to SRU shop then she persuaded his bro to take his place with the promise of 300 bucks after the exam.That day she obliged his bro to dress more provocative but it turned out an handicap; heels made Dick’s guide very insecure and the examinator wanted to reject him but Dick didn’t want to lose his sis’ money. He unbuttoned the dress opened his legs and started to play with the hair while with a sexy voice whispered:«Isn’t there another way to pass the test honey?» The examinator was speechless but after a moment he said to “Sam” to drive to next motel, Dick was relieved but hoped his little sis never find out of that.