Nov 29, 2023

Leaving the Swap Clinic

Adam had finally made his dream come true. At last he had a woman's body. He had to search for a long time,but in the end he found the right one.She was the classic girl from a good family, but who actually dreamed of  travelling the world and thought  everything would be easier if she had a man's body.  
So they made an appointment at the swap clinic and did the transfer. As he left the building, he felt new sensations coming from his new body; her hair caressing her shoulders and face, her hips swaying as she walked. It finally reached the lobby. As she opened the door to the front room, she decided that this would be the last time that she would open a door on her own. From now on, men would do it for her.

Nov 17, 2023

New Role in the Family

Mary and Robert were twins, but they had very different personalities. Robert was very sociable but a real slacker, while Mary was very disciplined but very shy. Their parents wished they were more like
each other. One day, the family matriarch arrives with the solution.She has found an ancient spell that allows her to swap bodies. It was decided that they would spend a month in each other's bodies in order to learn how to change some of the aspects of their lives. After a month as a girl, Robert was ready to return to his life, but his mother's news upset him:
«There's no point in making a face like that. It's better for
 everyone if you stay in your new body. If you really want to
know, it was Mary's idea. She has improved her social skills and
also feels that she is taken much more seriously as a man.
As for you, all you did was have fun without ever doing any
work. If you want to go on living that life, that's fine, but you
need a man to support you. In other words, within two years
you will have to get married and have a grandchild.
I advise you to accept your new role in the family, otherwise
Grandma will be very happy to take your place!»


Oct 31, 2023

The Night of the Swapping Dead


Since her husband's death, Mary has become the classic heartbroken widow. The reality was different; in Mary's body was her husband John. Mary and John were always looking for new ways to spice up their marriage, and one day they ound a book of spells at a flea market. They found a spell that alloed them to swap bodies. They decided it would be a fantastic experience to make love in each other's bodies. 

And it was true, the experience was fantastic, so they decided to stay in their swapped bodies for a month, but while they were returning by car from a trip to the mountains,the car skidded and ended up on a cliff. He survived, but she didn't. He decided he didn't want spend the rest of his life in a woman's body, let alone his late lover's. He could take someone else's body, but he didn't want to be mean.

So he looked for a spell that would allow him to occupy the body of a deceased person. He found it, but it was only supposed to be done on Halloween night, and another problem was to find the right corpse: not too old and not too damaged. So the first Halloween was wasted, but now his informant at the city morgue has just told him that a young man of about twenty has arrived. It was time for action, he checked the spell and took the fake badge to enter the building, along with a briefcase full of cash to start a new life. He left the house under cover of darkness, thinking that he would soon have a penis between his legs againw.

Oct 18, 2023

MILFshake [interactive story]


One day you walk into your favourite coffee shop. You see a new kind of milkshake. You want to try it, but the attendant tells you it is only for a category of women. You decide to try it anyway, but you have to know that you will exchange your life with the last woman who ordered the same flavour: