Apr 21, 2016

Obligations Double.

"Believe me Aron! When the Great Shift left me in the body of this woman I was happy, I was a simple office boy before and now I was the wife of one of the most important man of the city. I hoped to get my hands on his big fortune but after one day I found that he was one of the few people didn't change body also he imposed me to observe the previous premarital agreement if I didn't want to end up in the middle of the road. So now I'm always on a diet to keep my shape I must attend to boring social events and even satisfy his every sexual fantasy.
Sometimes Aron I'd like to be in your body, your not very rich but you're a widow."

Apr 9, 2016

A Very Hot Day

Dave lifted the bikini bottom and saw a little mound of flesh who knew full well but not from this perspective. He had become a woman but how  did it happen? A few hours ago he had just broken in this mansion with a big swimming pool because it was too hot so decided to take a bath for free.
So after a long swimming he decided to take a rest and when he opened  his eyes he saw what we know. He didin’t know the house belong to  a warlock who cast a spell on unwanted visitors and that the only way to reverse the spell is making love with the owner’s mansion.