Aug 26, 2016

Ruining the Reputation

Jenna has always mistreated her little bro Brian. So one day he had his revenge. When she's was prepare herself for a first date with a guy, he used a magic powder and take her place in front of the mirror with much shock of the real Jenna. His plan was to ruin his sister's reputation so he was gone to the date dressed like a slut and having sex the first night but something gone wrong. The following morning he found out to be pregnant and that makes the swap permanent.

Aug 19, 2016

Synchronized Lives

The pressure of the swimsuit against my vagina seems still strange to me but you have to consider that one year ago I was still a male named Daniel.I come from an olympic champions family where the second place is considered the first for the losers therefore, since the childhood my twin sister Dora and me  were constantly pushed to excel in sport competitions.  So I became a good swimmer while Dora became an excellent sincronette. When my sis was fourteen she win the national championship but after that she argued with her mate and she didn’t find someone at the top like her.
So my parents came with an idea: I had to become my sister partner furthermore female, considering that there no allowed mixed couples to the international competitions. My mom said that I had the same genetic potential of my sister and it was  a sin loosing it only for a gender question. 
Her argument was so persuasive that I started the hormone therapy replacement after a few weeks, the first step that led me to change my sex  definitely. So like the new duet Dora & Dana we have achieved  the Olympics final ready to win our first gold medal. For a twist of fate mixed duets will be in contest to the next summer Olympics.

Aug 6, 2016

The New Pleasures of Marriage

Fred is very satisfied of his new female body he's  feeling sensations he had never felt before. When he found his wife was bisex she persauded him to change his form with a magic spell, so he did it. Now he is thinking making this spell permanent and to become a big support of same-sex marriage.