Mar 27, 2017

The Shoe Shop

Ladies & gentlemen I'm glad to announce 
the first multiple choice story on this blog 
so welcome to:

Imagine you are walking in the streets of your town suddenly you see a new shop that sells used shoes. You wanna take a look just for curiosity and pop in. You  notice many different models that catch your attention  so you decide to wear a pair but watch out: every pair is linked with the soul of the previous owner and when you will wear it you will assume her life. If you want can even decide to leave the shop with buy nothing but now it's time to choose:

write your choice in the comments


Martha said...

The party girl ... great, but I think I can handle it. :D
Nice idea, well done!

Mia Berson said...

Working woman. I like it. :)

Shadow Wolf said...

The trophy wife. I'm pretty sure i can manage and could drain enough out of his account to get me by lol

Nico Gerena said...

i choose knee boots couse i love them

Unknown said...

knee boots

NeoRock said...

I love boots so much. Great universe, hope to see more friend.