Dec 28, 2017

The Password

Paul is trying desperately to recall the password who used to sign up to the site called Yesterday he came across this site that promised to live the experience to be someone else. The only thing to do was filling the form with his data and the data of a new figure then pressing enter and he will be magically transformed into the person he has chosen to be.  So he decided  to live the experience of be a woman  but not a normal woman he set the parameters to be the classic bimbo.
So that night he had a lot of fun going out in skimpyclothes, chatting with the girls, using his big breast to have free drinks and even going in bed with an handsome man.
Today he decided to stop the experiment and return back in his original body but he had to access to the site again to restorehis original data. Poor boy! He lowered his IQ so much that
he doesn’t remember the password only named «password»

Dec 15, 2017

The Marriage Counselor

Jack and Jane  have just returned from the therapyst and they’re both angry. About two months ago they realized that their relation was suffering so they decided to go to a marriage counselor. They found a therapyst who suggest  them to walk a mile in each other’s shoes... literally!
It turned out that the therapyst was a witch and she swichted their bodies in order to understand each other better. So after a month they came back to the therapyst to check the development unfortunately the woman said that was not enogh obliged the couple to stay as each other for another month. Jack has another reason to be angry, his period will start tomorrow.