Feb 22, 2018

Complete the Caption! [contest]

Hello readers in the last days I suffer of lack of ispirations so this is an occasion to involve you in my project. Help me to complete the caption below, write your story in the comment (no anonymous) or
send me a mail I will choose the best or maybe a will make  a poll it depends on how many would there so for now good luck!


Rachel said...

It's Laura confessing that she agreed to test the machine only because she had recently found out that she was pregnant and didn't have the courage to face the consequences of that. She tells James that if he wants to ever go back to his body he will have to get through the pregnancy in her place until she figures out what to with her life.
Nice idea btw :)

Eliza von J. said...

That´s what the letter said:
"Honey, you know i love you and you make a great girl...
But there´s something i have to tell you.
My..., well your period must had started last wednesday, and since you not complained about it it could only mean one thing:
Well, lovley, congratuation, but you are gonna be a mum in 9 month!"

The only thing James could think about how great it would be to be a pregnant woman and being it in his beloved wifes body makes thing´s even greater....

Sveta.Gusev said...

Dear Laura
Yesterday I was on the machine, I wanted to test it, but in the end the machine was destryed. So you will stay Laura. I'm now another woman and wi will see us soon.

Kisses Susan