Feb 10, 2018

From Groom to Bridesmaid

John saw Jessica the love of his life  go away with who she thought her groom instead was her best friend Melanie. One week ago Melanie appeared at his house saying that he could not marry Jessica beacuse she love her too since their first meeting ten years ago. but Jessica didn’t know anything. 
She said to John to cancel the marriage otherwise there would be repercussions. John says her menace meant nothing to him and go back home otherwise jessica would have know the truth .So she decided to cast a spell on him and their bodies were magically swapped. She explained that she was sorry for what she had done but it was the only solution to remain close to Jessie until John learn to behave himself. 
In her new shape she have could marry Jessica not only she obliged him to take the bridesmaid role. So after the banquet Jessica launched the bouquet and John was so lucky to catch it.  She congratulated with him and she said that soon will be find a man but now his only wish is that Melanie changes her mind and giving back his his body back after the honeymoon.

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