Feb 27, 2018

The Letter [complete the caption]

Ok here it is the complete caption. First of all i wanna thank you Rachel, Eliza and Sveta for partecipating. I decide to chose Eliza cap because i like how she wrote in a  proper letter form but even the other ideas were good so congratulation to Eliza von J!


Rachel said...

Oh bother, I did not make it :/ I'll do better next time :)

Leslie B said...

good girl!

Eliza von J. said...

Wow, that´s soooo awesome!
Thank you vrey much, Leslie, i feel very honourd that you think my writing is worth for your caption!!
Next time i´ll try to partcipate again whenever you made a new "contest".
Also i want to thank the other lady´s, i´d enjoy reading their ideas!