Apr 27, 2018

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Jack and Bill have always been fighting for who would had taken the daddy sport car on saturday night but after the Gender Wave they always argue about who will go out with the mommy trendy handbag.

Apr 14, 2018

A Not So Good Neighbor

Ron had always been in good terms with the next door woman Mrs Hamilton. She was a divorced lady who lived alone so when she needed a favour he was  ready to help her. But unfortunately for her he was going to move out in the next days after his marriage with her girlfriend. The day of the moving she invited Ron for the last cup of tea he accepted but after some sips he felt very tired and passed out the couch. 
When he woke up he felt very strange he touched his torso and he realized he had tits! He was in Mrs  Hamilton’s body! How Happened?  His former body appeared with a smile on his face and ready for giving an explanation. She revealed to him that her marriage was over because she was secretly lesbian but now now she had the chance to restart her life in another way with his contribution like it or not. She used a magic powder to switch our bodies so she would be her to marry his fiance while all he could do was to see her go away and think a way to take his body and life back.