Jun 9, 2019

Identity Dilemma

The end is open for a sequel...

When Richard regained consciousness he immediatly noticed something was wrong. He felt a weight on his chest and realized with astonishment that was a breast now he was in a body of a woman who lying in a glass capsule; how was this possible? He remembered to be on the beach 
with his friends when at some point he decided to take a night swim alone. While he was in the 
water he saw a flying saucer and then it went all dark.  He tried to get out from the capsule but
before he could put a foot out a strange figure stopped him. He used the telepathy to communicate 
and explained that he was a member of an advanced alien race who likes to make experiments on 
living beings of the Earth. Today they swapped Richard’s mind into this stranger girl. The experiment was a success for him but not for the poor girl who died in his body for the shock. Now he was 
ready to be send back on the  Earth. Before he could say something it went all dark again. 
He awoke on the beach again and saw a purse beside him . He search a document to found his 
new identity and found that his name was Kate. Now while he is coming home he is thinking to reveal his real identity to the people he know will they believe him or he will be taken for mad? Maybe it’s better to assume  his new identity. Richard or Kate that  is the question...