Sep 6, 2019

The Gender Pay Gap

• Ok Mr Harrison listen me I’ve done all you have asked me. When you said that I could risk losing my job due to the gender equality policy I went to the swap clinic and I became fully female. After that you asked me to respect the dress code company wearing a skirtsuit like my female coworkers well... do you have any idea how it’s uncomfortable going around the office wearing skirt and heels? Not to mention the jokes and the giggles of the men, now it’s time to give me the substantial increase in pay you promised me!
• But I did it my dear!
• No You didn’t! My pay has remained more or less the same.
• Oh yes but You have not considered the gender pay gap now you earn thirty percent more than women of the company so as you see I keep my promise.
• You screwed me bastard!
• Watch your language miss!  I remember you I’m the boss here so go back to work before 
I decide to dismiss you seriously!