Feb 3, 2016

The Verdict

In the future the brain transplant will be natural. One day Stephen and his girlfriend Amanda had a car accident. His body was very injured but his brain was undamaged contrariwise for Amanda. So the surgeon decided to put Stephen's brain in Amanda's body. After a month of rehabilitation he or she was ready to go home but there was a controversy. Amanda's parents wanted the custody of him because biologically he still was their daughter on the other side Stephen's parents said the his truth identity belonged to their son so he had to live with them. In the the end the judge pronounced that Stephanie Amanda Adams Bathes would have to live alternately one month with his new parents and another month with his former ones until his 21th birthday with his great disappointment.

Jan 15, 2016


Suddenly after the GS, it must have been enjoyable for Howard looking down and seeing many female legs, but after one minute it must have been a shock to found out one pair of that fabulous legs belonged to him.

Jan 8, 2016

A new Way to Support the Team

The fianl game of the high school championship is an occasion too important for  the quarterback Tom Grant but this year he cannot partecipate because he broke one of his arms.
Anyway he want support his team in another way so he persuaded is girlfriend Laura, one of the school cheerleader, to switch body with him.What Laura doesn't know is that Tom is going to Larry's home, the best player of the opposite team, the day before the match and tiring him with a night of sex