Jan 18, 2020

Fast Food

When the little Timmy was diagnosed with celiac disease he was very said because he coud not to go to his favourite fast food. His big sister on the contrary instead hated the fast food restaurants because she said  they were full of junk food and being a model she had to keep the line.
But the desire to eat an hamburger was too strong for Timmy so he found a solution. He waiting she finished a photo shoot and possessed her  body thanks to a magic spell then he went to a Mc Donald. He enjoyied his meal so much he didn’t  care to do it in skirt and heels.

Dec 24, 2019

Christmas' Reunion

Merry Christmas!

Magic runs in my family with unexpected results. My grandma, the chief witch, thought that there were too many incomprehensions between us.
So during the Christmas reunion she switched our bodies in order to understand better each other’s lives, beside she said that the magic spell it would last  a whole month. Now I inhabit my cousin Diana’s body and I don’t know how to face up to the next weeks. She’s is a college girl with a rich social life while I’m a high school boy who spending time playing videogames.
I just hope I don’t have to wear skimpy clothes like this.

Nov 30, 2019

Shopping List

Greg was an eager consumer of beer, steaks and razors now, after the Gender Wave as Jenny, she has discovered diet food to keep the line but she keep to use razors not for the beard but for her legs and other private parts.

Oct 29, 2019

Business Lunch

John and his aunt Rhonda switched bodies accidentally thanks to the medallion of Zulo. 
Unfortunately that day Rhonda had an  important meeeting so they couldn’t wait the classical 12 hours to swap back.
It was a business lunch with her boss so she persuaded John to go to her place. 
She said it was an informal event so he would not have to talk about work but his boss used this opportunity to get to know better his employees so it was important for a possible promotion. 
After he was helped to put on make up and get dressed  he went out to catch a taxi. 
When he was arrived to the restaurant he payed for the ride and he found out that aunt Rhonda had put in his purse a whole pack of condoms. Now he’s thinking about what his aunt defines for a business lunch.