Oct 24, 2020

Ruined Holidays

Young Mark didn’t expected this when he booked two weeks of vacation to Exchange Island.He and his friend Kyle were sure to become two athletic guys instead they had been swapped with a married couple.So now Mark is a milf who is too shy to show his new curvy body to the men on the beach while Kyle is in a mature but male body playing with a bunch of girls. To add insult to injury he cannot even drink a beer because this body cannot tolerate alcohol.

Oct 6, 2020

Speed Limit

 Once motorists slowed down because they were afraid of agent Parker’s speed gun now, after the Gender Wave, they slow down to better admire her stunning legs.

Sep 26, 2020

Reluctant Bridesmaid


It’s not fair!  She must always win! I’m sorry son, you know Becca when she gets something in her head, it’s hard to change her mind and now, that  has also discovered magic... 

Okay but if she needed another bridesmaid she could ask to her friend Laura. Sorry but she was clear, at least one member of the family had to be a bridesmaid and since she has no sisters so let’s go the ceremony is starting if we arrive in late you risk remaining, her little sister forever!

Jun 27, 2020

Body of Value

When the new gender change app came out, John was one of the first to try it. Then after downloading the trial versione he became a gorgeous bombshell. It was fun to go around wearing the most skimpy clothes in order to catch the men glances. 
But while he was walking in the park he received a notification that said the trial was expired and that if he wanted to continue using it he had to pay 1000 dollars. Then John thought since he could not have his body soon, it’s better to take the advantage of this and not only just for the glances.