Aug 28, 2017

A Long Hunting

It took me almost thirsty years but finally I’ve found you! You had been very good to vanish without a trace but now I can see my old face in every manner! I’ve got another amulet so it’s time to give back my body, my money and my life! It’s your turn to deal with the menopause!

Aug 18, 2017

Not the Father Anymore

This is a public service announcemnet for you guys! Don’t try to cheat a witch especially when she’s your girlfriend too. When I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant I decided to dump her. I told her I was not ready to be a father and that she was her fault because she didn’t take the pill, She answered back that respected the decision of not being the father but that I would be a good aunt.
So she changed me in the shape you see now.I even have to wear this ridiculous shirt in order to
warn the other boys in the same conditions. Eventually she said that if I behaved well she would make me the father again.

Jul 27, 2017

The Right Pay

Michael was going on dancing always looking at the tips jar the main reason of his current position. A month ago he entered in this night club where he enjoyed a pole dance. At one point he decided to go out but he was stopped by a bodyguard at the door who remembered him he didn’t give any tip to the girls. So he told him they were none of his business but  the man came out as a warlock and cast a spell on Michael in order to teach him the respect for other people’s job. Then he became Mindy and is forced to inhabit this form until the tips jar will be filled at least with a thousand dollars. So tonight was just the right night  because the jar contained the right amount. Sadly someone stole the money before the shift’s end so it seems that Mindy must to face many nights of dancing again.

Jun 13, 2017

Born to Sell

When Tom saw in the newspaper  the ad for a car dealer, he thought it was his chance. He was born to sell and the next day he appeared at the job interview. They told him that they would take it and present the contract immediately. He signed up quickly and thanked them. Unfortunately for him he did not read a clause where he was supposed to wear a woman's costume to attract more customers.