Jun 27, 2020

Body of Value

When the new gender change app came out, John was one of the first to try it. Then after downloading the trial versione he became a gorgeous bombshell. It was fun to go around wearing the most skimpy clothes in order to catch the men glances. 
But while he was walking in the park he received a notification that said the trial was expired and that if he wanted to continue using it he had to pay 1000 dollars. Then John thought since he could not have his body soon, it’s better to take the advantage of this and not only just for the glances.

May 29, 2020

The Wicked Stepmother

Martin was waiting in a law firm of an important lawyer. He could never thought of divorcing his father in his stepmother's body: Helen. It all started a month ago when his father realized that Helen married him only for the money so he decided to get a divorce.
Helen panicked, she didn’t want to get back to her old life and decide to use an ancient family spell. She thought that she could keep to live the good life but now like the young descendent of a tycoon so she swap her body with Martin thanks to the spell.
Martin could do nothing, he knew that if he had affirmed to be the real Martin, he shoul have spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital. So now all he could do was to contact the best lawyer in the city and try to get the best divorce agreement that he could have. 

May 9, 2020

Swap and Quarantine Epilogue

In the end after a month the lockdown was over and everything was turning to normal. The following day John and Mary took a date at the park. Mary was happy to see her body didn’t gain weight during the quarantine but she didn’t like the new haircut  John have made it. After a long kiss (how strange was kissing their former bodies) they started to talk about the future:
So John are you ready to go back the man in the relationship? Well.. I don’t know after all the efforts made to look your best it’s too bad to have to leave this body now.
How strange! I thought the same thing, the point is i don’t want go back to wear make-up every morning. So do we extend the swap for another month? I’m still not sure give me a reason.
Your math teacher has decided to fix another test in the  following weeks to make up for lost time so...Ok don’t say another word, take care of it but before you go home I need another favor You have to go to my hairdresser to fix your  hair because, my body or not, I’m always miss perfection!
They both started to laugh.

May 6, 2020

Swap and Quarantine part 3

John entered in the bedroom and lay down on the floor: he was tired. He has spent the last days to fulfill every Melanie’s need. At the beginning he had to do little domestic chores but now she wanted to make him discover the taste of femininity. So the new “Mary ”had to learn to put make-up, to get waxed, to wear miniskirts, to walking in heels under the watchful eye of Melanie which sended the photos of his advances to the new “John” for her ultimate amusement. In a certain way John was satisfied to impersonate Mary at his best  but waht would happen when the lockdowan was over? He would be able to turn back to his old habits or John would have been a different person?