Jan 12, 2019

From Friend to Wife

It all started when John found a magic book in a flea market and invited his skeptical friend David for a demonstration...
John stop to make experiments on me and give up that stupid magic book now!
No David or should I say Davina you said that didn’t believe in magic but I’ve made change your mind.
Ok you win now can you give me back my real form? These heels are killing me!
Sorry for your feet but after you get used to it the pain will disappear!
What does it mean? I don’t understand.
Look at this page my dear! It contains the last spell that will make you my obedient wife with no sign of your previous life!

Nov 14, 2018

Stop Hiding!

Stop hiding Leonard!  I know it’s you behind the make-up and the wig. When your sister said me that you spending your afternoons trying her clothes my first intention was to taunt you but after seeing your smooth sexy legs I want to take you out to dinner  so are you free tonight miss?

Oct 28, 2018

New Thoughts

Tyler and James are spending their holidays in Exchange Island like two teenage girls. Tyler is having a ball trying to catch a boy’s group attention playng with his top while James seems more distant.
Are you still hungry cause we are ended up in female bodies? Tyler asked. No that’s not a problem anymore! replied James. So what’s the story? Tyler said. It’s that I found out this girl had only one piece swimsuits and not even a sexy dress it’s not fair!