Apr 23, 2019

Escape from the House of Horror

Thomas was a typical teenage boy who lived with his family in a rural area. One day when he was
going back from school two men sedated him and put him in a car. He was taken to a building
hide in the forest where a scientist made illegal experiments with human guinea pigs. In one of
this experiment his brain was successfully transferred in a same age girl body. Unfortunately
the girl in his body died because of the shock.
So the scientist had another plan he decided to make Thomas the perfect daughter for a childless
couple. So he spent the last two years forced to act like a lady. The day of themeeting with his
new parents he was lucky enough to notice an unattended exit so he ran away into the woods
where he found a railway. Now he is following the track until the next station where he would call
the police. He took off the heels to walk better, he feels ridicolous with this dress and he is not still get used to have long hair but the issue that  worries him most is how to explain to his parents that now they would have a daughter instead of a son while his little brother  would have had a big sister.

Jan 12, 2019

From Friend to Wife

It all started when John found a magic book in a flea market and invited his skeptical friend David for a demonstration...
John stop to make experiments on me and give up that stupid magic book now!
No David or should I say Davina you said that didn’t believe in magic but I’ve made change your mind.
Ok you win now can you give me back my real form? These heels are killing me!
Sorry for your feet but after you get used to it the pain will disappear!
What does it mean? I don’t understand.
Look at this page my dear! It contains the last spell that will make you my obedient wife with no sign of your previous life!