Mar 5, 2020

Capture the Moment

When he reached the puberty Tom realized he could take over the control of other people bodies thanks to the power of his mind. One day he decided to possess his crush’s body, Mary.  He waited until his parents went out then he invited Mary to his house with an excuse.  After the possession he started to play with his new figure and he took his dad old camera to capture the moment.
The videotape would have been much useful during his lonely nights or even like blackmail weapon to persuade Mary to finally go out with him.

Feb 27, 2020

Trick to Drink

At this point John was
an expert. All he had to do was sit on a stool, cross his legs and wait for someone to offer him a drink. Then at the end of the evening tell the guy he didn’t feel well call a taxi and go home.
Buying the change-gender spell was the best deal of his life.

Jan 18, 2020

Fast Food

When the little Timmy was diagnosed with celiac disease he was very said because he coud not to go to his favourite fast food. His big sister on the contrary instead hated the fast food restaurants because she said  they were full of junk food and being a model she had to keep the line.
But the desire to eat an hamburger was too strong for Timmy so he found a solution. He waiting she finished a photo shoot and possessed her  body thanks to a magic spell then he went to a Mc Donald. He enjoyied his meal so much he didn’t  care to do it in skirt and heels.