Jul 5, 2016

The Second Time

I’ve just turned the 18 for the second time in my life but the first time as a girl. Things that happen after the Great Shift.Two years ago I was a man ready to go to the college and I was spending the afternoon to my girlfriend’s house Susan when the tragedyhappened. I found myself in Susan’s little sister form, Kathy which found herself in her sister’s  body. My  old body was occupied by Susan’s father, the real Susan sadly was never found. My future in this world had changed I had become my 
girlfriend’s sister. The new Susan quickly adapted to the role of the big sister and she was going to teach me how use the body she occupied for almost sixteen years. So the following months  I’ve learnt things like doing make up and doing different hairstyles I even realized  I’m attracted to the boys. So tonight I’ve just invited the captain of the school football team to my party hoping  to make another thing for the second time: losing my virginity.

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