Jul 11, 2016

Malexit & Feminin

inspired by Alyssa

In the year 2019, in the UK, immigrants are closely watched and only a small number of them can go in the country every year. Besides all the foregniers without a regular job contract have to leave the nation immediately.  
This was big problem for Leonardo, an ambitious italian accountant of the City in London. He was made redundant unexpectedly by his company and he had only one week to find another job. There’s another thing he could do, switching his body with that of a british citizen. The swapping body technology was at the beginning but there was a blooming black market of bodies  where he could find the right  person. Unluckly for him there was only one person who hit the target, she was a woman named Molly. 
She had the same qualification and age and she wanted escape from a overwhelming relationship and start a new life even in another country or in another sex. He was running out of time so he chose to make the deal.Now  after two months he is ready to his first day at work in another company as Molly. In these day he had to deal with many changes. He got used to respond to the name “miss” and buying tampons without embarrassment and using them of course. Now he’s get using to the morning fresh air between his new legs seeing that he wears a skirt.  But curiosly there  something he has not yet used to: be  considered a legal member of the comunity.  His ambition led him to a great sacrifice; only time will tell if it was worth it.

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