Sep 14, 2016

Do your caption Three

Here  it is another pic for  exercise your creative,  remember short sentences and can work on the  other photos. Enjoy!


Mercede Dalton said...

Jason felt super weird holding his best friends hand while taking a leak. The worst part is that friend was a man up till 5 minutes ago. Both him and Alex were drunk and rubbed a genie lap. The genie gave them one wish and Alex wished he could have unlimited access to the women's locker room without consequence. The genie twisted the wish and Alex is now Alexis. Having been drinking Alex had to use the restroom but had no idea how to pee like a woman. Jason being a good friend gave Alexis a funnel so she could pee in the urinal. She started crying as she went and reached her hand to Jason. Guess she at least has a boyfriend!

Ian said...

Well Jess i know the law banning transgender girls from the ladies toilets is wrong but... Well at least it gave me the chance to meet you
how about a movie tomorrow?