Sep 8, 2016

Bun in the Oven for Owen

A story request by Owen Taylor

After waking up and opening the curtains Owen is ready to face another day in his sister’s body.  It’s not easy for  a teenager takes the appearance of an adult person let alone a pregnant woman. 
It all began ten months ago with a request, his sister Angela was very stressed for work and ask him to switch his life with her for a while. He was agree and said yes so she cast a permanent spell and they found in each other’s body. He try to make the bestof a bad situation but it’s turned out she was pregnant and his  boyfriend had dumped her because  was not ready to take the  father’s role. 
So not even her want to take the mother’s role rather  the uncle’s role then she bought a  permanent spell to  a SRU shop and persuaded him to make the swap with an excuse. The experience was very  traumatic for him: be in a stranger body  that was alterating under his eyes. He saw his belly and even his  breast growing day by day. Fortunately now morning sickness is disappeared and so he starts to dress and makes breakfast. 
In the other room his former sister is still sleeping but she will be soon awaked by Owen and send to run some errands for satisfy his new cravings. Pregnacy has some benefits sometimes.

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