Feb 26, 2021

Wrong Book

When Melanie entered in the bathroom a strange scene appeared to her.

«Who are you and what are doing with my beauty spells book?»

«Calm down sis, it’s me Robert I was trying something to make me charming for my crush.»

«Well it seems you have taken the wrong book, that one was made for the women you would had to take another book.»

«Please sis help me! I don’t want mom and dad seeing me in this shape!»

«You’re lucky bro; mom and dad have decided to spend the weekend away so I’m in charge and since you took my stuff without permission you will spend the following two days like my little sister! believe me, we will have fun  trying dresses and putting make-up!»


  1. Hey Girl! Are you on Discord at all? I have a question for you.

    1. sorry i'm not but you can write me here lesliebelle.uk@gmail.com