Jul 7, 2024

A Well-Designed Plan

Hello Julia? it's me Robert..
Hey you are late, where are you now?
I'm on my way but my car has stopped and I don't know why.
Stop making excuses, the truth is that you want to stay in my body.
No, I swear, I have no idea what the hell...
Stop it! Because of you we will stay like this now, enjoy your breasts and vagina!
Actually, everything went according to Julia's plans. She and Robert were lifelong friends. A month ago she found out about a shaman who had the power to change people's bodies and persuaded Robert to gowith her. 
After the exchange, the shaman warned them that they had to return a week later, before sunset, or the spell would be permanent. So first Julia gave Robert an appointment an hour before sunset, and then used a device she had hidden in her car to sabotage the engine control unit so that he would not arrive on time. 
She didn't want to be mean to Robert, just that she had discovered that being a man was much better than being a woman.

1 comment:

  1. What a nasty trick but to be stuck in this body is not the worst thing. She is attractive and has a nice body and face!