Dec 23, 2016

The Wanted Gift

It’s the first Christmas for Samuel since he became Samantha. She has spent hours to choose the dress and the hair style but now she’s ready to attend  the Christmas Eve Dinner with her family. 
She is even looking forward to the exchange of gifts. So before going into the dining room she takes one of the box with her tag on. Judging by the shape and the sound she hope it will be the vibrator she wants so much.

Dec 16, 2016

An Unexpected Discovery

Tom and Mary have found a modest but beautiful medallion in an antiquary shop and same night it came out  that was even magic with the power of switch people’s bodies. 
It was very funny to impersonate each other all the week long but when they decided to swap back they found it nowhere like it was invisible.
That day Tom went out from Mary's office for the lunch break but before eating he went to the public library in order to get much more information on the medallion. So he took a book on the magic artifacts and discoverd with much pain that another properties of the object called Zulo was disappearing very often.

Dec 7, 2016

More Than a Friendship

Hey dude! Don't you think it's time to search our real bodies, get out of the bed!
Relax Jerry! You've heard the tv, there's the caos on the streets all we can do it's stay here in this hotel room waiting that things will fix.
But what will happen if this switch will be permanent?
Frankly man I don't care about; after seeing your new pair of legs, I think that between us there will be much more than a friendship!

Dec 1, 2016

Nov 27, 2016

The Wonder Woman Pose

Psychologists recommend to take the wonder woman pose to improve self esteem but Mick was a real perfectionist and so he decided to assume the whole look and shape of the superheroine.

Nov 22, 2016

A Little Benefit

After the GS Bob was very sorry tobe  in a body of a woman, but now when he does the morning streching he can take every positions without the fear of squeezing the family jewels.

Nov 19, 2016

Do Your Caption! #4 revisited

Ok I pick another pic I hope you're more inspired now
Here another picture for DYC  theme remember: 
a short sentence that  explain the image
good work!

Nov 15, 2016

Unaprecciated Gift

"Hey Jim don't be afraid!  I'm not Kelly but your best friend Danny I’ve bought a magic spell in a SRU shop and so I've taken the shape of your former girlfriend. I kow how much you miss her so I decided to make you a surprise for your birthday: a night of great plesaure... 
Wait a moment! What  does it mean Kelly broke up with you because she found out you're gay? Oh shit! I’ve spent my money for nothing!"

Nov 11, 2016

New Feelings [guest cap]

Captions exchange
Some day ago Keira Williams suggested me a switch of caps between our blogs and here it is her work:

you can see the work I made for Keira here

Nov 3, 2016

The Working Dinner

"Yes mom, nobody suspects I'm not you but I hope dad will repair the switch-machine before tonight, beacuse your boss offered me the promotion you’ve been waiting so I have to go out with him to celebrate. He said that he would take me to the  most elegant restaurant of the city so eventually can I put your black sheath dress? No mom I will not spoil it, I promise you!"

Oct 20, 2016

Arranged Marriage

Yasmeen was sad. Her parents had prepared for her an arranged marriage with a wealthy member of their community. Two days before the marriage she knew her old friend Omar who was studying abroad, took part to the ceremony. She remembered of the magic who learned from her granny when she was a child and decided to use it to steal Omar 's life. The day of the ceremony, during the banquet she  offered to Omar a magic toast, he took a bite and she  took another bite and after that they both lost consciousness. 
When they revived they found themself in each other's body but they started to forget their previous lives. It's worked. After some days the new Omar would return to London to start a new life.

Oct 4, 2016

An Old Habit

"Sandy I've got told you a milion times. When we go out in each other's body I don't want you take your purse or people will think i'm a sissy boy!"

Sep 26, 2016

The Way To Home

Tony was in his car, stopped at the traffic light when a big light hit him. Suddenly he found himself in another car and when he took look in the reaviewmirror saw a girl’s face instead of the usual one.
So he jumped out of the car but he nearly lost his balance due to his new high heels shoes. Around him there was confusion, the traffic was blocked so he decided to go home by foot but it's was harder than he expected; the long hair on his new face, the uncertain steps on the high heels made that a real challenge.

Sep 20, 2016

Forced Diet

transgender story

Julie and Ryan have to live each other life until their father will repair the bodyswap machine. Besides Ryan is forced to a strict diet to keep in shape his sis body for nex homecoming. So today he's having a lunch with only a frozen yoghurt an a diet coke while his "bro" is eating up a double cheesburger with a dsh full of french fries; it's not fair!

Sep 14, 2016

Do your caption Three

Here  it is another pic for  exercise your creative,  remember short sentences and can work on the  other photos. Enjoy!

Sep 8, 2016

Bun in the Oven for Owen

A story request by Owen Taylor

After waking up and opening the curtains Owen is ready to face another day in his sister’s body.  It’s not easy for  a teenager takes the appearance of an adult person let alone a pregnant woman. 
It all began ten months ago with a request, his sister Angela was very stressed for work and ask him to switch his life with her for a while. He was agree and said yes so she cast a permanent spell and they found in each other’s body. He try to make the bestof a bad situation but it’s turned out she was pregnant and his  boyfriend had dumped her because  was not ready to take the  father’s role. 
So not even her want to take the mother’s role rather  the uncle’s role then she bought a  permanent spell to  a SRU shop and persuaded him to make the swap with an excuse. The experience was very  traumatic for him: be in a stranger body  that was alterating under his eyes. He saw his belly and even his  breast growing day by day. Fortunately now morning sickness is disappeared and so he starts to dress and makes breakfast. 
In the other room his former sister is still sleeping but she will be soon awaked by Owen and send to run some errands for satisfy his new cravings. Pregnacy has some benefits sometimes.

Sep 6, 2016

More Things Change...

Linda's parents were always fighting over anything. So Linda took a decision, she bought a magic spell to switch their bodies with the promise to reverse the spell at the end of the month in order to understand each other better. But even today at the pub they keep on fighiting, the new mom says the the new dad drinks too much and the new dad responds that that new mom wears a skirt too short. Poor Linda more things change, most remain the same. 

Aug 26, 2016

Ruining the Reputation

Jenna has always mistreated her little bro Brian. So one day he had his revenge. When she's was prepare herself for a first date with a guy, he used a magic powder and take her place in front of the mirror with much shock of the real Jenna. His plan was to ruin his sister's reputation so he was gone to the date dressed like a slut and having sex the first night but something gone wrong. The following morning he found out to be pregnant and that makes the swap permanent.

Aug 19, 2016

Synchronized Lives

The pressure of the swimsuit against my vagina seems still strange to me but you have to consider that one year ago I was still a male named Daniel.I come from an olympic champions family where the second place is considered the first for the losers therefore, since the childhood my twin sister Dora and me  were constantly pushed to excel in sport competitions.  So I became a good swimmer while Dora became an excellent sincronette. When my sis was fourteen she win the national championship but after that she argued with her mate and she didn’t find someone at the top like her.
So my parents came with an idea: I had to become my sister partner furthermore female, considering that there no allowed mixed couples to the international competitions. My mom said that I had the same genetic potential of my sister and it was  a sin loosing it only for a gender question. 
Her argument was so persuasive that I started the hormone therapy replacement after a few weeks, the first step that led me to change my sex  definitely. So like the new duet Dora & Dana we have achieved  the Olympics final ready to win our first gold medal. For a twist of fate mixed duets will be in contest to the next summer Olympics.

Aug 6, 2016

The New Pleasures of Marriage

Fred is very satisfied of his new female body he's  feeling sensations he had never felt before. When he found his wife was bisex she persauded him to change his form with a magic spell, so he did it. Now he is thinking making this spell permanent and to become a big support of same-sex marriage.

Jul 29, 2016

Do your caption!

Today I wanna make a little experiment with you I'd like to make a caption with your help.
What suggests you the image below? Think about a short sentence and write it in the comment.
Come on don't be shy and Good luck!

Jul 22, 2016

Magic Candies

"Come on Tiffany, take this magic candy and return in this body, these heels are hurting my ankles! What does it mean it's my turn to be pretty and sexy?"

Jul 11, 2016

Malexit & Feminin

inspired by Alyssa

In the year 2019, in the UK, immigrants are closely watched and only a small number of them can go in the country every year. Besides all the foregniers without a regular job contract have to leave the nation immediately.  
This was big problem for Leonardo, an ambitious italian accountant of the City in London. He was made redundant unexpectedly by his company and he had only one week to find another job. There’s another thing he could do, switching his body with that of a british citizen. The swapping body technology was at the beginning but there was a blooming black market of bodies  where he could find the right  person. Unluckly for him there was only one person who hit the target, she was a woman named Molly. 
She had the same qualification and age and she wanted escape from a overwhelming relationship and start a new life even in another country or in another sex. He was running out of time so he chose to make the deal.Now  after two months he is ready to his first day at work in another company as Molly. In these day he had to deal with many changes. He got used to respond to the name “miss” and buying tampons without embarrassment and using them of course. Now he’s get using to the morning fresh air between his new legs seeing that he wears a skirt.  But curiosly there  something he has not yet used to: be  considered a legal member of the comunity.  His ambition led him to a great sacrifice; only time will tell if it was worth it.

Jul 5, 2016

The Second Time

I’ve just turned the 18 for the second time in my life but the first time as a girl. Things that happen after the Great Shift.Two years ago I was a man ready to go to the college and I was spending the afternoon to my girlfriend’s house Susan when the tragedyhappened. I found myself in Susan’s little sister form, Kathy which found herself in her sister’s  body. My  old body was occupied by Susan’s father, the real Susan sadly was never found. My future in this world had changed I had become my 
girlfriend’s sister. The new Susan quickly adapted to the role of the big sister and she was going to teach me how use the body she occupied for almost sixteen years. So the following months  I’ve learnt things like doing make up and doing different hairstyles I even realized  I’m attracted to the boys. So tonight I’ve just invited the captain of the school football team to my party hoping  to make another thing for the second time: losing my virginity.

Jun 24, 2016

Fun in Everyway

Samantha bought a magic drink in a SRU shop in order to be more sexy for her boyfriend Gary. When she back home, she left the bottle on the table where it was took by Gary. He was so thirsty that he swallowed it without reading. After that he felt very strange and his body changed into a gorgeous version of Samantha including a sexy outfitShe entered in the room and saw what happened to Gary so while Sam was going back to the magic shop for taking an antidote his boyfriend waiting at home. Left alone Gary went into the bathroom and started to take off the clothes, admiring in the mirror is new sexy body. After an hour he heard a click to the door and new version of his former body came in :"Hi honey, I haven't found the antidote but thats no means we can fun each other in another way!" At these words Gary new nipples started to become hard...

Jun 17, 2016

Double Reward

Tina, Jimmy's mom, begged his son to swap body with her in order to escape a dinner with her mother in law Martha. She promised him twenty dollars for reward. He accepted therefore they used a pair of magic ring to make the switch. That evening the new Jimmy went to the cinema with his new friends while the new Tina was ready to go in a restaurant with her "husband" and the couple of her parents in law. Jimmy was flattered to be treat like an adult in his mom's body but after two hours with his former granny was exsausted. She was hypercritical about every aspect of his mom. So Jimmy will ask his mother to redouble the reward or he will remain in her body much longer.

Jun 9, 2016

Loss of Authority

Emily's parents found themselves in each other's bodies after the GS but they decided to not reverse their parental roles. Tonight Emily is ready to go out with her friends in a new sexy black dress. Jim, Emily's father, has always make a big protest about the sexy dress of his daughter but now it's very hard to maintain his authority when you have to wear a skirt shorter than hers. So the only thing to do for Jim now it's smoking one of his favourite cigars, the only habit didn't change after the GS.

Jun 4, 2016

A Very Lucky Dip

Jimmy was taken by his aunt Kelly to a fundraising event where he's was boring. When he won a ring at the lucky dip, he put it on his finger and without thinking he made the wish to having fun at this party. Suddenly he found himself in the gourgeous body of his aunt Kelly. Instinctively he started to flirt with an handsome guy met at the party. Now Jimmy thinking that he's was having a ball to be sorrounded by guy's attenction and that night he will have even more fun.

May 27, 2016

Mutual Aid

Robert is putting the polish on his sister's feet Rebecca, meanwhile she's doing her bro's homeworks. So Bob will take her place on her date in order to seduce his friend Mick because she's very dumb with the boys, but on the other hand she's a very brilliant student. Thanks to the magic med life is easier in the family.

May 13, 2016

Dress Code Switch

The following story was inspired but this fact:
worker sent home unpaid for not wearing high heels

Hey boss1 I'm tired of this ridiculous dress code! From now things will be different, i don't want to be a receptionist anymore but don't worry you'll be take my place! Therefore you will be forced to wear skimpy clothes and walking in four inch heels all day! So a little advice from your new director when you'll go home stop you to buy band aids and a foot cream trust me! You'll need them!

May 7, 2016

Best Mother's Day Ever by Owen Taylor

Congratulations to Owen, winner of Mom's day contest and happy Mother's day for all of you.

Here's the other runner up
Awkward Shower by the Insomniac

Apr 21, 2016

Obligations Double.

"Believe me Aron! When the Great Shift left me in the body of this woman I was happy, I was a simple office boy before and now I was the wife of one of the most important man of the city. I hoped to get my hands on his big fortune but after one day I found that he was one of the few people didn't change body also he imposed me to observe the previous premarital agreement if I didn't want to end up in the middle of the road. So now I'm always on a diet to keep my shape I must attend to boring social events and even satisfy his every sexual fantasy.
Sometimes Aron I'd like to be in your body, your not very rich but you're a widow."

Apr 9, 2016

A Very Hot Day

Dave lifted the bikini bottom and saw a little mound of flesh who knew full well but not from this perspective. He had become a woman but how  did it happen? A few hours ago he had just broken in this mansion with a big swimming pool because it was too hot so decided to take a bath for free.
So after a long swimming he decided to take a rest and when he opened  his eyes he saw what we know. He didin’t know the house belong to  a warlock who cast a spell on unwanted visitors and that the only way to reverse the spell is making love with the owner’s mansion.

Mar 15, 2016

Another Cup

Jimmy is taking an extra cup of coffee before going to work as his mom. Until they try to repair the strange laser gun she bought from a strange shop they decided to keep the bodyswap a secret. Jimmy found out that the daytime of an adult woman never ends so he needs an extra energy to do all his new tasks.

Feb 26, 2016

The Morning's Problem

Everyday I had always been in late for work because my morning wood had prevented to relieve myself, but after the Great Shift I have still the time to read the news.

Feb 18, 2016

Opposite Gender Day

Michael's mom bought a schoolgirl outfit for him because was the opposite gender day. The following morning Michael took the clothes out of the closet and start to wear them. But after putting the last shoe something happened his body started to changed and was morphed like a real girl. He suddenly run to his mother's room but she was expected him. She told him that she bought that outfit in a SRU shop and so was magic she wanted to teach him a real gender opposite experience and it will be not only one day but all the week the school was informed. Michael now is thinking how his friends will make fun of him.

Feb 4, 2016

The Verdict

In the future the brain transplant will be natural. One day Stephen and his girlfriend Amanda had a car accident. His body was very injured but his brain was undamaged contrariwise for Amanda. So the surgeon decided to put Stephen's brain in Amanda's body. After a month of rehabilitation he or she was ready to go home but there was a controversy. Amanda's parents wanted the custody of him because biologically he still was their daughter on the other side Stephen's parents said the his truth identity belonged to their son so he had to live with them. In the the end the judge pronounced that Stephanie Amanda Adams Bathes would have to live alternately one month with his new parents and another month with his former ones until his 21th birthday with his great disappointment.

Jan 15, 2016


Suddenly after the GS, it must have been enjoyable for Howard looking down and seeing many female legs, but after one minute it must have been a shock to found out one pair of that fabulous legs belonged to him.

Jan 8, 2016

A new Way to Support the Team

The fianl game of the high school championship is an occasion too important for  the quarterback Tom Grant but this year he cannot partecipate because he broke one of his arms.
Anyway he want support his team in another way so he persuaded is girlfriend Laura, one of the school cheerleader, to switch body with him.What Laura doesn't know is that Tom is going to Larry's home, the best player of the opposite team, the day before the match and tiring him with a night of sex