Dec 12, 2015

A Place of Power

Mark Hill was one of the chauvinist manager that company is ever had. Three hours ago he was in his office and he was singning the documents that  his secretary Cindy had left every morning. He was so distracted that that he signed  automatically a weird contract.
He read only the word body-swapping but he was too busy to read further so he put the contract with the others in the index card.After the lunch, while he was opening the office's door a strange light  invested him and found himself in Cindy's body. After the initial shock he remembered himself of the weird morning contracta nd began to search it.
«It's useless! You won't find it anymore because it's already in a secure place!"
Suddenly Mark turned himself and saw his former body now occupied by Cindy. «You have just finished of bossing me everyday, I've tricked you! From now I'll be the rich and the powerful boss and you will be the poor and obedient secretary who will dress sexy every morning for my pleasure!» «Holy shit!» thought Mark.

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