Dec 2, 2015

No More Risks

I came from a family of criminals always fighting with the law. My father was killed in a shooting and my mom raised me and my big bro all by herself. But when my bro went in prison for drug dealing my mom took a big decision. She payed a witch and demanded a spell to change me into a female. The following morning I woke up and screamed for what was happened to me, suddenly mom came into my room and told me the whole story, she said that if I would remain in this body she help me to behave like a proper lady and I would no have risk to be a criminal and for prize she would gave me the money of a secret fund that my father left her for my 21th birthday otherwise if I would change back she left me alone with a little amount of money and no future to become a good person. I thought a little while and I decided to start a new life like a girl, my mom was so happy for that moment my name was Rebecca the name she have chosen if I were born female. Now after a year my life is changed completely mom taught me all domestic chores and I have no risk to going in prison like my big bro, the most dangerous thing I do now is to use the lawnmower on saturday morning.

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