May 24, 2024

Return the Favour

David and Sarah were twin siblings who, at the age of 13,acquired the ability to switch bodies. At first they used their power for pranks, but then they started working together. Last week, Sarah, who is a maths whiz, helped David with his algebra test by taking his place.Having successfully passed the test, it was time for David to return the favour. Sarah was supposed to go to the prom, but she hated skirts, so she decided her brother should go instead. David could not say no, otherwise she would reveal the test cheating to their parents.  So on the day of the prom, David underwent all sorts of treatments to bring out his sister's beauty.
Thier mother was amazed that Sarah, notoriously a tomboy, did not object to her very feminine choices.When Sarah saw David in the backyard wearing a frilly pink dress, she couldn't help but laugh. David jokingly curtsied for her to see the princess he had become.But in his heart he promised himself to study more maths next year, he certainly had no intention of repeating this experience.

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