Apr 25, 2024

A Man For My Aunt

Daniel was worried that his appointment was running late, so he checked his smartphone to see if there were any messages, but found that he had been blocked. He cursed his aunt again, but most of all he cursed his big mouth for putting him in this situation. Three months ago, his aunt was complaining to his mother about how difficult it was to meet a man nowadays.He overheard the conversation and said that she was too fussy for a mature woman. His aunt became very angry and decided to take revenge on him. She used a spell to switch their bodies and said they would stay that way until he could find her a long-term relationship.  
In the days that followed, Daniel discovered how difficult it is for a woman over 50 to conquer a man. Many men are not interested in a long-term relationshipand run away after the first night. Not counting all the times it was ghosted like this. How could men be so mean? He began to hate his own sex.  His aunt had advised him to make himselfmore attractive to the 'market' and he thought she was right. He would join a gym, try a few Botox injections, even get a boob job if necessary. He certainly has no intention of growing old in his aunt's body, even if it means spending a lot of money.


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