Apr 10, 2024

From Card Shark to Blonde Chick

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Mick was a card shark who specialised in running casino scams.  After cleaning up another casino, he 
was about to leave when the croupier called security and was taken to a secret room. It turned out that
the casino manager was a wizard and used cruel methods to punish cheats.
He had to pay back the casino twice the amount he had dishonestly won and he should have been female.
He was given the choice of how to earn the money: like a cocktail waitress or an escort for the wealthiest
clients. Mick didn't want to have sex with strange men every night, so he had a job as a waitress. 
So, after a quick transformation, he became Molly and was immediately put to work. After a few weeks,
the new Molly was not happy with her choice.  The customers were rude, always trying to touch her ass 
or look at her ample cleavage. As if that wasn't enough, the tips were poor and at this rate it would take years to pay off the debt. Then she decided to take the escort job. If she was to be treated like a piece of meat, these morons would have to pay a very high price.

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  1. How long did it take Molly to pay back the debt and what did she do once it was paid off?