Mar 25, 2024

The Fateful Bag

Thomas was a young man in his twenties, but now he was stuck in his mother's body.As he does every morning, he gets ready to go to work. When he leaves, he takes with him the bag that caused his misfortune.One day, when he was still a boy, he was short of money and decided to take some from his mother's purse. She noticed and said that if hedid it again, he would suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, Thomas didn't listen to her and when he needed money, he stole from her bag again. After that, a mysterious force placed him in his mother's body and she in his.She explained that he had to put the money in the bag before taking it out. Over the next few weeks, he had to take on the role of a single mother working for a pittance in a law firm.She told him that to get his body back he would have to get a raise, but that's very difficult considering his mother doesn't have a job title.His only option is to accept an invitation from his boss to go out to dinner, but he is afraid of what might happen after the meal. 

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  1. You really need to do a follow up and see what happened on the date!