Jan 29, 2024

Like Mother Like Daughter

 Tom's girlfriend, Alison, was a skilled practitioner of witchcraft, an ancient art she had learned from her mother.Unfortunately for Tom, she also had a bad temper and punished him for every mistake. One day she made some sexist jokes about her classmates and Alison found out. So she decided to swap their bodies so that he would understand how a woman feels when she is humiliated. A week has passed since the exchange and Tom still hasn't returned to his body. He had tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't see him so He decided to go to hER mother who, being a more powerful witch, would surely break the spell. Alison's mother was very happy to see him, she made him sit down and offered him tea and biscuits. Tom was struck by her kindness and couldn't understand how her daughter could be so short-tempered. Tom explained his problem, but she said there was nothing she could do.
It turned out that she wasn't Alison's mother, but her father. His wife had punished him for cheating on her, and now it had been almost a year since they had exchanged. The only advice she could give him was to keep his daughter happy. He would soon be back in his body. Now Tom knew from whom Alison had inherited her temperament.

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