Feb 14, 2024

Valentine's Day Disaster

Mark couldn't understand what was happening to his girlfriend Evelyn. He had organised their Valentine's Day down to the last detail. But she seemed determined to sabotage it. As soon as they entered the restaurant, she took off her heels, saying her feet hurt. Then she started drinking and drank an entire bottle of wine. At some point during the meal, she approached  the piano in the room and began to strum. She was clearly drunk. 

Poor Mark, he doesn't know that inside his girlfriend's body is her little brother Jimmy. Evelyn was an apprentice witch and wanted to use a spell to look more beautiful, but ended up swapping her body with Jimmy's. Luckily the spell only lasted 24 hours, but it meant that Jimmy had to go on her date with Mark. Before leaving, Evelyn gave Jimmy some instructions on how to behave, but unfortunately to  no avail.

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