Feb 28, 2024

The Curse of Beautiful Legs

Having beautiful legs doesn't always bring luck, or so Jeremy thought. From his point of view, it was a disaster. His sister was a popular supermodel who unfortunately broke her leg on a sking holiday.

She had to stay away from the catwalks for at least three months. This was a terrible blow to her family, who needed her income.  His mother suggested that Jeremy take his sister's place because of his amazing legs. So Jeremy went to the modeling agency in the belief that they would reject him. Instead, the agency was happy to have him on the team, knowing that androgynous boys were all the rage. His first attempts were simple photo shoots, which were immediately successful.

Today is her first day on the catwalk at Women's Fashion Week. His legs have been shaved, exfoliatedand massaged to make them look their best.His sister sends him a text message of good luck, while his parents are in the front row of the audience.It seems that he is destined for a bright career and will be showing off his beautiful legs for a long time to come.


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